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(This page last updated 13-Oct-2010)

Two Left Feet? Can't Dance?


Square Dancing is one of the easiest dance forms to learn.

 There are NO complicated routines to remember.

Four couples form a square and dance a pattern of moves sung or called by a caller. As with most activities, you need to be taught the basics.

Learning the basic steps is easy - experienced square dance callers teach the moves and the names of the calls that are danced. The moves are combined into whole dance patterns and are danced to a variety of music from Country and Western and all-time standards to current pop tunes.

The team of eight follows the calls - the moves flow from one to the next and the dancers move smoothly around the square changing partners as they go and as the pattern concludes everyone finishes back with their original partner.

Square dancing is popular in many countries, including USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, and most of Europe. In fact there are over 9000 clubs world-wide.

Learning to square dance opens up a whole new world of fun and friendship because, wherever you travel, the calls are all in English.

"Square Dancing is Fun and Friendship set to music"