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(This page last updated on 10th April 2016)


This page is a repository for BAASDC documents which the BAASDC Council believe should only be made available to those clubs which are members of the BAASDC. All the documents are in pdf format and can be downloaded. A pdf reader (eg Adobe Reader) is required to read their content.

Please click one of these links to access the documents you want to see.




1. Insurance - Injury to Third Party - What To Do    VERY IMPORTANT

2. Insurance - Case Combined Summary (Ref CC1-3 KA211.004)

3. Insurance - Case Combined Policy (Ref CC1-3 KA211.003)

Insurance - AQM Schedule (Ref 011920 03 17 2703171322)

5. Insurance - Certificate of Public Liability

6. Insurance - Certificate of Employers Liability

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The procedures are formal reference documents which can assist officials and members to take the correct course of action in specified situations. CONTROLLED COPIES of these documents represent the ultimate authority and are only issued to a very limited number of BAASDC Officials.

Each document is titled, the first part of the title indicating which official(s) is(are) charged with beginning the procedure. All currently available procedures are listed below and each has a content summary. Click on the appropriate PDF to read or download the procedure.

Persons holding downloaded procedures may not have updated their copies and, whilst they may be informative, they cannot be classified as authorative.


Summary: Explains who writes a procedure and how it is formatted, reviewed, modified, authorised and published.     PDF

Summary: Explains the steps to follow when either a Council Officer wants to resign or he/she is suspended because of a misdemeanour.    PDF

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Summary: Explains the necessary tasks to complete and the time schedules to adhere to when formulating agendas for both management and/or membership meetings    PDF

Summary: Explains what the tasks are and the time schedules to adhere to for the preparation and distribution of nomination forms for those Council positions that are subject to an elewction at the next AGM.    PDF

Summary: This procedure explains the steps to be taken to enable the preparation and distribution of voting slips using the postal system and the subsequent counting of returned votes. See also ProcedureNo.321 (below)     PDF

Summary: This procedure itemises the steps to be followed when it is decided that electronic voting can be used to identify members' preferences. Readers should be aware that the Election Administrator has a significant input into this procedure. His/Her input is defined in ProcedureNo.800 (below).    PDF

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Summary: This procedure explains the tasks necessary to prepare and issue voting cards to representatives at meetings where a vote is expected to take place.    PDF

Summary: This procedure describes the tasks necessary to ensure that an applicant's request to join the BAASDC is assessed and progressed in timely fashion.    PDF

Summary: This procedure describes the system whereby claimants can recover 'out of pocket' expenses from the BAASDC    PDF

Summary: This procedure describes who does what when a club wishes to terminate its membership of the BAASDC or the BAASDC wishes to terminate its relationship with a specified club.    PDF

Summary: This procedure describes how to set up electronic voting using a FREE web based election and survey service.    DOWNLOADS OF THIS DOCUMENT ARE NOT AVAILABLE

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