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September 09 ~ Philip Mee & Paul Radcliffe

July 09 ~ Maureen Burke Spinnaker Tower Celebration  

Philip Mee & Paul Radcliffe

after being awarded their

RPM Committee Scholarships

for GSI Caller Training School


Nearly 90....and still reaching for the sky ! 

Say hello to MAUREEN BURKE, a strikingly beautiful old lady who becomes a nonogenarian in November this year. Maureen still dances the Plus programme every week to James Wyatt at Southampton Squares or Rob Branson at Pieces of 8.
Before she 'pops her clogs' (her words, not mine) Maureen wanted three memorable experiences:-

1. To dance with the 'Come Dancing' celebrity Anton Du Beke.     (We're working on it!)
2. To ride the London Eye at night.     (We've done that!)
3. To go to the top of the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth.
     (Mission achieved ~ 29/06/09!) 

Photo by courtesy of Carol Jessup

Soaring 170 metres above Portsmouth Harbour and the Solent, the Spinnaker Tower is taller than the London Eye, Blackpool Tower and Big Ben and has already established itself as a national icon for Britain. View Deck 1 boasts Europe's largest glass floor, where visitors of all ages can dare to 'walk on air'! There are many that won't even go up the tower, and of those that do, there are many that dare not 'walk on air'. Did Maureen do the 'walk'? You bet your bottom dollar she did, and we have the photo to prove it.

Spinnaker Tower


Here she is shoeless, and with just a thick piece of glass and 500 feet of nothing between her and the ground below, having her fingernails inspected (?!)  by her chaperon from Southampton Squares, Eric Windatt. Notice that the man in the white shorts and the lady in the pink blouse seem to be viewing her bravery with a little incredulity.
Throughout this atypical 'flaming June' day Maureen had VIP treatment from her ladies and gentlemen in waiting,  Ron & Margaret Yard, Eric & Joan Windatt, Mike & Lyn Browning & Carol Jessup.
I am told that she descended the tower by the normal route (high speed elevator) though from the photo below, it looks like there was an attempt to persuade her to bungee jump!

Photo courtesy of Joan Windatt

Photo courtesy of Joan Windatt