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(July to September)

These pages display material submitted by UK square dancers of events where they have been participants. Each event usually takes place during the same month every year and so there are pages for events  taking place during the quarters January to MarchApril to June, July to September (this page) and October to December. We have also a page dedicated to particularly special anniversary events involving UK square dancers

The most recent submissions are at the top of the page

1.  Keith Lovegrove's Summer in the Forest (Sat August 7th 2010)

2.  Keith Lovegrove's Summer in the Forest  (Sat August 8th 2009)

3.  Waterside Squares Graduation Event  (Mon July 13th 2009)

4.  Stubbington Squares Birthday Celebrations (Sat 11th July 2009)

Keith Lovegrove's SUMMER IN THE FOREST Sat August 7th 2010

Keith Lovegrove Summer in the Forest Dance 2010

The theme for 2010 was Summer in the Chinese Forest and many dancers chose to dress in an appropriate costume. Attendance was very similar to last year and Artistic Director Clive Andrews filled the stage with his imaginative art work. All photos are courtesy Clive Andrews or Sue Thomas



Keith Lovegrove

Keith Lovegrove's
SUMMER IN THE FOREST dance on Saturday August 8th 2009
(all three photos © Clive Andrews)

It was probably one of the warmest and sunniest evenings of the year but that didn't prevent about seven squares of dancers turning up to enjoy a summer get-together. The dance programme was exclusively Mainstream and dancers with varying degrees of ability were all in the same melting pot.

The dance was held at Bramshaw in the New Forest so trees were expected......but not in the hall(!), whose stage had been impressively decked out to look like a forest glade basking in warm sunlight, courtesy of artistic director Clive Andrews. A full-sized stag and unicorn completed the visual artistry.

'Including refreshments' usually indicates that tea and biscuits will be available at half time. Not so at 'Summer in the Forest'! We were treated to a wide variety of sandwiches, salad 'bits' and cakes, freely provided and served with style. All in all, it was a rather enjoyable evening and I'm told there will be a repeat performance next year on Saturday August 7th. Try and get there if you can!



Square dancing is alive and kicking down on the Waterside, New Forest East, where eighteen new dancers recently graduated at Waterside SDC.

This is the club's second major intake, the result of a recruitment policy initiated by former chairman Carol Gerrey. The club now has sufficient members to run two evenings a week, with Mondays being set aside for beginners and improvers. This way the new dancers can be fully trained before they move up to Plus on Wednesdays.

Tutored by tireless club caller Keith Lovegrove (assisted by Al Gourley), the new graduates are now working hard to get up to full Plus standard in time for next year's special Valentine's Dance with American caller Al Stevens.

Carol reckons it's never too late to learn, and after handing over the reins to Betty Tarry, Carol is back in training - this time to become a caller herself!

Waterside Squares Graduation 09




Double 'S' Stubbington Squares, a club with a history of more than 20 years, held its annual Birthday Dance on Saturday 11th July 2009 at the United Reform Church in Fareham. Local dancers and others from neighbouring clubs danced Mainstream and Plus to the rhythmical choreography of caller Kevin Evans.  Club members and club caller Roy Sandle (red shirt centre) pose for the traditional birthday cake photograph.

Stubbington Squares 2009 Birthday