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(April to June)

These pages display material submitted by UK square dancers of events where they have been participants. Each event usually takes place during the same month every year and so there are pages for events  taking place during the quarters January to March, April to June,  (this page), July to September (none available at this time) and October to December. We have also a page dedicated to particularly special anniversary events involving UK square dancers.

The most recent submissions are at the top of the page

1.  12th Wyatt's Riot  (Fri 17th - Sun 19th April 2009)

2.  Texas Swing's French Theme Dance (Sat 4th April 2009)

Friday 17th April to Sunday 19th April 2009
(Photographs from Chris Allen and Margaret Shand)

James Wyatt

On the left is the Boss-man, the only person on the dance floor that commands complete respect. He compères, teaches, directs and corrects, and over 10% of the attendees are enthralled by his voice and execute his instructions to the letter.  89% of the demonic throng do exactly what they please, when they please, as the 'tell no lies' photographs displayed below clearly show. Even his own family take absolutely no notice, and prefer to play SNAP!


There are some who use the weekend to make fashion statements. Derrick Bird, for instance, splashed out on a pair of 'Tigger' socks and sat with his trouser legs up for most of Saturday evening diplaying their quality. I noticed that he wasn't in the same league as Tigger in the energy department.


Others, like George (right), make a complete escape and pursue less energetic activities. Here he is, in his alter ego as Lord Layland of Babbacombe, sampling the delights of the leaf in  the Torbay sun..............

..........joined by another escapee who enjoys a big bun................

............and the dancing  is all but forgot, as Lady Pam pours pot after pot. 

Down in the dance hall, two other Torquay travellers celebrate their
40th Wedding Anniversary. Congratulations to Marion and Peter!


On the floor, a large percentage of the participants prefer to play that childhood game of 'Statues', (note that there's no motion blur on the photo) when our esteemed host asks them to Flip The Diamond from ocean waves. Confusion appeared widespread and I heard one individual mutter, "How the ************ do we do that?"


Eventually, the square for the criminally insane (check out the expressions in the thumbnails below our main picture)  jerked into action and  completed the   move  with   astonishing   success   whilst   your   photographer, recognizing   the  threatening  countenances , retreated  to  a  safer location.

 Insane Square
Mad Alan Mad Di Mad John

Discussions (for want of a better word) followed the tip. They took the form of group summits in which everyone participated. Some listened whilst others talked, some bit their tongue and some just laughed. After all, it was 'summit and now't'.


And now we leave you with just one of the hundred or so smiley faces that lit up the dance floor over the weekend. The Riot lived up to our expectations and no doubt many of those that attended this year will be on the premises in 2010.

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Saturday 4th April 2009
(Photographs from Chris Allen & Margaret Tustin)

A very popular Mainstream & Plus dance with a different theme each year. The number of dancers attending this year's dance was close to the hall's maximum capacity and the dancers enjoyed some 'new' calls (French Stick & French Kiss) devised by the caller Monsieur James Wyatt. Many of the more extrovert attendees dressed in true French fashion and those people did not escape the cameras!  The winners of a competition for the best fancy dress were Brenda Wyatt (who took over a whole storeroom to get herself ready) and Richard Wellman.

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